Proudly Serving Denver Metro and Surrounding Areas for Security Protection


Implementing a security system is one way to defend your home or business against unwanted entry – but it’s only the first step toward comprehensive, reliable protection.

With our monitoring services, you can rest assured that experienced, trained security agents are standing by 24/7 from an attentive central station. When your alarm signal reaches the station (immediately after activating), an agent will:

  • Respond within seconds
  • Summon authorities in your area
  • Contact your representatives and inform them of the problem.

It’s the most effective means of protecting your home, your business, and its occupants, and it’s available through one affordable package from Armor Security Systems. For those who desire additional protection, we offer a variety of add-on equipment. Feel free to ask about these options during your free security analysis.

Wireless Monitoring: No Land Lines Necessary

What if you don’t own a phone line? At Armor Security Systems, we offer each customer the opportunity to go 100% wireless with their home security system. When your alarm sounds, the security agent can communicate with you via our system, powered by secure wireless communications – not your land-based phone line.

For those who do maintain a land line, wireless home monitoring is still an appealing option. It ensures your uninterrupted communication with our agent, regardless of phone lines that were cut by an intruder or disrupted by a power outage.

Monitoring for Fire, Environmental, and Life Safety Alarms

Looking to integrate fire, environmental, or life safety alarms into your home monitoring system? Armor Security Systems can furnish these additions, implement home monitoring services, and respond to any activations that occur in the same reliable manner.

In the event of a fire while the home is unoccupied, the central station will still be notified via alarm activation, and your local fire department will be contacted immediately – even in your absence.

For our other life safety products, home monitoring ensures that you’re notified immediately when unusual levels of smoke, heat, or carbon monoxide are present – or, when flood dangers are detected. For questions on these potentially life-saving preventative measures, contact Armor Security Systems to request a free security analysis.