Spring Security Tips

Spring Security Tips

With spring cleaning and spring breaks coming up soon, it’s time to check the security of your home or business. Our winter storms can cause damage, which would need to be taken care of as soon as possible.


  • Double check that all doors are locked when you are away from the house, or when you settle in for the evening and go to bed. It’s time to check the weather stripping on exterior doors.
  • For air flow on doors, have a locking security door with a screen option.
  • For sliding doors, get an adjustable patio door bar from hardware/lumber stores. Brace the door open no more than 5” for air flow.
  • Lock boxes are available at the hardware store, so you do not have to “hide” an extra key.
  • Use the chime feature on your alarm system to alert you to a door being opened when the alarm system is not armed (require an alarm installation).


  • Double check that all windows are locked when you are away from the house, or when you settle in for the evening and go to bed. Check the weather stripping on opening windows.
  • For air flow on sliding windows, there are small window locks available from hardware stores to lock the windows open (up to 5”), so no one can slide the window open to enter. The locks have a screw adjustment if you want to easily open the window or lock it closed.
  • For casement windows, take the crank off the windows you do not like to open.
  • Do a complete check of all window locks to make sure they are in working order.
  • For windows you like to keep open for air flow, have alarm screens installed. If the screen is cut, torn, or removed, it will trigger an alarm when armed. (Require an alarm installation).


  • Have motion activated lights installed to cover secluded areas, especially back yards and alley ways. Cameras are available, to record who approaches your home.
  • Have a photo cell light at your entry doors, to have lighting from dusk to dawn.
  • Stop your mail/paper delivery or have a trusted person pick it up every day. Also have any door hangers removed daily. Have snow removed from your driveway and walkway.

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