Security Tips

Holiday Security Tips:

As the holiday season approaches, and our daily habits change with the seasons, we need to be very aware of keeping our homes and families secure.

Doors:  For patio doors, get a security bar from lumber/hardware stores.  The bar is easy to release from the inside, and when the bar is in place, it creates a visual deterrent to anyone trying to access  the door from the outside.

Garage Service Door:  always keep this outside door locked.  An alarm sensor on the door would give you an alert if the door was opened.  If you are going to have packages delivered through    this door, you can bypass the sensor and still have the rest of your alarm system armed.

Garage Overhead Doors:  make sure your overhead door(s) are always closed, even if you are gone for a short errand.   An alarm sensor on the door could show you if the door was left open.  Check to be sure the door is fully closed when you back out of your driveway.

Windows:  check that all windows are locked when you are away from the house, or when you settle in for the evening and go to bed.  Double check windows that are normally opened in the summer.  Do a complete check of all window locks to make sure they are in working order.

If you are gone on vacation, leave blinds partially closed so burglars cannot see into your rooms. Have programmable light bulbs, switches, or wall plugs to set normal lighting scenes.

Exterior:  Have motion activated lights installed to cover secluded areas, especially back yards and alley ways, and have a photo cell light at your entry doors, to have lighting from dusk to dawn.  Set up timers or programs for exterior holiday lights.

When going out of town, stop your mail/paper delivery or have a trusted person pick it up every day.  Also have door hangers/flyers removed daily.  Be sure to have someone clear away the snow from your driveway and walk-way to the front door.

Video Intercoms show you who is at your door, before you open it, and lets you talk to the visitor.  Cameras are available, to record who approaches your home.

If your car is parked outside, make sure the doors are always locked.  If you need to warm your car, either use an approved remote start system, or stay with your car when it is warming.  Always lock your car when filling up for gas, or running into the store for a quick errand.

Dispose of empty boxes of new electronics and gifts, instead of leaving them at the curbside.  Have packages delivered to your office, if no one is home during the day.

Always remember:  security is a family matter.  For more information, contact Louan Watson Tamburlin


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