Commercial Burglar Alarm

Commercial burglar alarm monitoring increases the security of your entire operation, including your valuable:

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Property
  • Inventory

How does it work? When your small business burglar alarm is monitored from a central station, trained professionals will stand by to respond to your alarm signal and alert law enforcement immediately in the event of a break-in. Should a robbery take place during business hours, we carry products that allow an employee to sound the alarm manually, activating the same instantaneous response.

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Access Control:

At Armor Security, we are proud to offer various types of access control systems. If you are looking to restrict access to areas by non-authorized personnel,  we will be glad to design a system to meet your needs and expectations.

Video Intercoms:

  • See who and what enters your building
  • Identify visitors before they enter
  • Multiple door solutions

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