Blackjack NVRs Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Blackjack-NVR Blackjack-Cube-NVR blackjack-nvrs DW-BJP2U-Front-Hardware DW-Spectrum-Video-Management-Software erack-small-hdd-server

Armor Security Systems. provides and installs all types of camera surveillance or closed circuit television systems (CCTV). These systems are designed to protect a range of businesses from local convenience stores to large commercial banks to large manufacturing facilities. Statistics prove that Closed Circuit Television will keep your honest employee’s honest and deter others from stealing. We offer the following:
• Digital and Analog Recorders
• Digital and Analog Cameras
• Covert Cameras
• Indoor & Outdoor
• Remote Off-premise Viewing

Armor Security uses equipment furnished from the following manufacturers to install and service their CCTV systems.
• Interlogix
• Hikvision
• Digital Watchdog
• Clinton Electronics
• Pelco
• Bosch

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