Access Control Systems

Keyscan Access Control System VII

Keyscan’s System VII is the multi-dimensional software application that operates your access control system. It has been designed to give you complete and precise control over which individuals are permitted to enter specific doors or elevators at specific times on specific days. System VII keeps you informed of all site activity and alarm conditions. And, with its self-contained, internal database, System VII lets you keep detailed cardholder records and allows you to produce extensive, management reports and audits.

Keyscan Aurora Access Control Management Software

For Kaba EAC, the Keyscan Aurora access control management software is the dawn of a new age for access control. It is the culmination of over 25 years dedicated to access control. This unwavering dedication and effort thrusts Aurora well past the supremacy established by its Keyscan predecessors. Only Keyscan Aurora can fully unleash the expanded processing power and capabilities of Kaba EAC’s newest line of Keyscan access control units. With a completely redesigned interface, Aurora delivers a new experience that entrenches our commitment to innovation and foward-thinking for electronic access control.

eMerge Essential Access Control System (Nortek-Emerge Essentials)

This manual contains information regarding the programming and configuration of the eMerge Essential and eMerge Essential Plus access control systems. The eMerge system offers multi-station ability to secure doors, manage access of personnel, create and analyze reports, and monitor the system remotely from any web browser. All monitored activity at the facility is recorded in the eMerge memory — providing a record of all cardholder entries and exits, input detection, and security or fire detection, if desired. The eMerge system can be seamlessly scaled up, via software keys, to other eMerge E3-Series systems providing increased door and reader capacity, enhanced features, and higher level capabilities.


The TruPortal™ User Interface software is embedded on the TruPortal System Controller. TruPortal allows you to:

  • Control access for up to 64 doors based on user-defined access schedules
  • Configure schedules to include recurring holidays
  • Add up to 10,000 users and badges to the system
  • Monitor events remotely and automate linking of events to corresponding video on TruVision DVRs
  • Open, lock, lock out and reinstate doors remotely
  • Add reader schedules to help automate the system
  • Enforce anti-passback
  • Create reader groups


The Topaz System is a PC-based Facility Security System for access control, alarm monitoring, interactive color graphics, photo badging, and CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) Control. The system uses the Windows 2000 Professional, XP Professional, or Windows 7 operating system and employs the use of an Internet browser interface technology along with a unique self-configuring software package called Auto Configuration. This allows you to easily set up standard input devices. The Topaz System integrates alarm monitoring, access control, and remote control capabilities throughout a site.

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